MLIR notification emails for new Phabricator code reviews?


I’m trying to follow the MLIR development process through the mailing lists but I think I’m missing the notifications for all the Phabricator code reviews. Regarding LLVM, notification emails are sent to the llvm-commit mailing list both for code reviews (tagged with [PATCH]) and landed commits. For MLIR landed commits, I see notifications being sent to the mlir-commit mailing list but I don’t see any notifications for code reviews. Am I missing something? Are the [PATCH] notifications being sent somewhere else? Is the process working differently for MLIR?


You can use Herald on Phabricator to add you as subscriber on any revisions (or post commit) based on your own filters.
I’m subscribed to receive an email for each revision and commit that touches mlir/, but you can be more restrictive based on your interest :slight_smile:

Note that since we don’t do any code-review by email, we never setup a review mailing-list (I’m not even subscribed to the mlir-commit@ mailing list! Phabricator just works :slight_smile: )

Good to know! Ok, I’ll go with Herald then. Thanks!