MLIR Open projects

I am quite interested in taking up projects which require me to write graph traversal algorithms on the IR structure.
I have been going through the Open projects page of MLIR and found a few interesting ones such as

  • llvm-canon kind of tools for MLIR (mentor: Mehdi Amini, Jacques Pienaar)
  • IR query tool to make exploring the IR easier (e.g., all operations dominated by X, find possible path between two ops, etc.) (mentor: Jacques Pienaar)
  • Rewrite patterns expressed in MLIR (mentor: Jacques Pienaar)
  • SPIR-V module combiner (mentor: Lei Zhang)

Is there any scope of taking up any of these as my GSoC project?
I have been going through the MLIR tutorials, I feel they are quite comprehensive. Are there any other references I need to go through before being able to work on these projects?