-mllvm -inline-threshold no longer honored?

While checking on the status of
https://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=22657 in current llvm/clang
trunk, I noticed that the previous work-around for recovering the
missing in-lining of the c-ray 1.1 benchmarks of passing -mllvm
-inline-threshold=500 no longer works. This regression doesn't exist
in the 3.8.0 release. Any idea what commit in 3.9svn might have
introduced this regression?

I think r257832 introduced this regression. I’m looking into it.

I can confirm that applying r257832 onto the llvm 3.8.0 sources does
indeed introduce the regression in handling of -mllvm
-inline-threshold=500 for the c-ray 1.1 benchmark. It would be nice if
the underlying problem in the cost-handling for that benchmark could
be addressed as well (since few users will be aware of the -mllvm
-inline-threshold= workaround).

     I can confirm that, after the commit of r270153, -mllvm
-inline-threshold=500 is honored again as tested with the c-ray 1.1
benchmark. Thanks for fixing that issue.
ps Any chance you can take a look at improving the default
inline-threshold being used for the c-ray benchmark?