Moderators needed for LLVM Dev Meeting!!

We are in desperate need of moderators for the LLVM Developer Meeting. What does a moderator do? Its pretty simple. You introduce the speaker, give them a 10 and 5 minute warnings, stop the talk, and facilitate Q &A (running microphone, etc).

If you think you are up for the job, please consider volunteering for one or more moderator sessions. Please respond to me directly with your first and second session choice. I will try hard to give everyone their first choice though!

Session #1 (9:45-10:30):
- Code Size Reduction using Similar Function Merging

Session #2 (11:00-12:30):
- Julia: An LLVM-based approach to scientific computing
- New Address Sanitizer Features

Session #3 (11:00-12:30):
- Verifying optimizations using SMT solvers
- A Detailed Look at the R600 Backend

Session #4 (2:00-3:30):
- Developer Toolchain for the PlayStation®4
- Vectorization in LLVM

Session #5 (2:00-3:30):
- Annotations for Safe Parallelism in Clang
- Bringing clang and LLVM to Visual C++ users

Session #6 (4:30-6:15):
- Building a Modern Database with LLVM
- PGO in LLVM: Status and Current Work

Session #7 (4:30-6:15):
- Adapting LLDB for your hardware: Remote Debugging the Hexagon DSP
- Lighting Talks

Tanya Lattner

I have all the sessions covered. Thank you everyone!