modification on lnt to recognize new architecture


I have a question regarding to lnt. We are working on NEC SX-Aurora Vector Engine and
preparing for upstreaming it on ⚙ D69103 Backend for NEC SX-Aurora and following reviews.

We are running llvm-test-suite to check our modifications often. To run this test suite,
we need to specify our architecture to lnt and make program running under lnt to handle
a few special cases. In order to do so, we have very simple patch like below.

My question is where should I send this patch to make it merge with lnt
( I checked mailing lists,
but it is not clear to me. Thanks in advance.


I am surprised that anyone is still using Have you tried using instead? That will allow you to pass custom cmake arguments through to the test suite.

Thank you very much, Florian.

I’ll follow those steps.


– Kazushi

Thank you. I'll try also.

-- Kazushi