Modifying DAG in TargetLowering::ReplaceNodeResults()


I am trying to implement va_arg() on ppc32. Everything went smooth, except
implementing va_arg() of 64bit int. Since i64 is not a legal type on ppc32
DAGTypeLegalizer::ExpandRes_VAARG() splits the va_arg(i64) into two i32

The problem with ppc32 va_arg is that it needs special "alignment" of its
gpr pointer when the argument is i64. Ie. I need to know if I am lowering
va_arg of i64.

I tried to tackle this by providing custom lowering for va_arg(i64) that
just aligns stuff properly. I do this by adding ISD::VA_ARG handling to
PPCTargetLowering::ReplaceNodeResults() where I need to read/increse/write
a number in memory while providing nothing in &Results.

The problem is that the Chain of the va_arg node needs to be updated but
I dont know how to do that.

I tried stuff like:

      SDValue Ops[] = { InChain, VAListPtr, N->getOperand(2), N->getOperand(3) };
      SDValue NewNode = DAG.getNode(ISD::VAARG, dl, DAG.getVTList(VT, MVT::Other), Ops, 4);
      DAG.ReplaceAllUsesWith(N, NewNode.getNode());
      // or this variant
      //DAG.ReplaceAllUsesWith(SDValue(N, 1), NewNode);

but that does not work for various reasons (N having more than one value in the first case
and N operand 2 not having legal type (i64)).

Any idea how to fix this? Or am I doing it completely wrong?


ReplaceNodeResults returns multiple SDValues; you should just be able
to return both the new value and new chain, and have everything just