[Moore] SV conversion to LLHD failed to run on LLHD-sim

Hi all, I am new to the CIRCT project and I am currently encountering some problems simulating my system verilog code using llhd-sim.

I have reduced the verilog to a multiply between 2 constants, and the converted llhd seems simple
llhd.entity @adder(%clk: !llhd.sig, %res: !llhd.sig) → (%i5_output: !llhd.sig ) {
%0 = llhd.const #llhd.time<0s, 0d, 1e> : !llhd.time
%1 = llhd.const 16 : i32
llhd.drv %i5_output, %1 after %0 : !llhd.sig

yet the llhd-sim shows the following error:
Assertion failed: (idx < size()), function operator[], file …/llvm/llvm/include/llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h, line 277.
PLEASE submit a bug report to https://bugs.llvm.org/ and include the crash backtrace.
Stack dump:
0. Program arguments: …/build/bin/llhd-sim addersvllhd.mlir -n 10 -r adder
Stack dump without symbol names (ensure you have llvm-symbolizer in your PATH or set the environment var LLVM_SYMBOLIZER_PATH to point to it):
0 libcirct-llhd-signals-runtime-wrappers.dylib 0x000000011dca593d llvm::sys::PrintStackTrace(llvm::raw_ostream&, int) + 61
1 libcirct-llhd-signals-runtime-wrappers.dylib 0x000000011dca5eeb PrintStackTraceSignalHandler(void*) + 27
2 libcirct-llhd-signals-runtime-wrappers.dylib 0x000000011dca3a6b llvm::sys::RunSignalHandlers() + 123
3 libcirct-llhd-signals-runtime-wrappers.dylib 0x000000011dca83f8 SignalHandler(int) + 232
4 libsystem_platform.dylib 0x00007fff6af445fd _sigtramp + 29
5 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fff6ad4a78f dyldGlobalLockRelease() + 0
6 libsystem_c.dylib 0x00007fff6ae1a808 abort + 120
7 libsystem_c.dylib 0x00007fff6ae19ac6 err + 0
8 libcirct-llhd-signals-runtime-wrappers.dylib 0x000000011db4fa48 llvm::SmallVectorTemplateCommon<circt::llhd::sim::Signal, void>::operator[](unsigned long) + 104
9 libcirct-llhd-signals-runtime-wrappers.dylib 0x000000011db4f912 driveSignal + 178
10 libcirct-llhd-signals-runtime-wrappers.dylib 0x000000011e1240f1 driveSignal + 6113425
11 llhd-sim 0x000000010acda78e main + 1518
12 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fff6ad4bcc9 start + 1

My command to llhd-sim is -n 10 -r adder and I think the expect behaviour should be a constant signal at the output (although I am not sure since the simulation failed).

I was able to trace the code till line 235 of engine.cpp and I am using a mac with latest OS. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

(ps: this is not the full code for my sv; I have reduced it to the simplest form to see if I can get an output; originally my code just aborted when the reaches the adder.adder entity in state…)

Hi @lindy, welcome to CIRCT and thanks for the bug report (and the minimal test case!).

In general, I think we are trending towards using GitHub issues for this kind of report, and Discourse more for open discussions about design decisions, etc. Do you mind opening an issue about this over at Issues · llvm/circt · GitHub and tagging it with the LLHD and Bug labels?

About the actual issue, I am not sure yet what’s going on, but if I gain any more insight I will let you know.

Hi @mikeurbach, thank you so much for the fast reply! I have filed [LLHD]llhd-sim unable to simulate generated llhd dialect · Issue #806 · llvm/circt · GitHub.

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