More on Cygwin

Hi all,

After successfully building llvm tools-only and cfontend, I went back to
llvm directory and ran
configure --with-llvmgccdir=$CFEINSTALL

Unfortunately, at the end of the process I got the following
configure: WARNING: ***** llvm C/C++ front end was not found, or does
configure: WARNING: ***** appear to be working.

And I do have CFEINSTALL environment variable.... BTW, I have noticed
that executables cfrontend produces are called llvmc++.exe llvmcpp.exe
llvmg++.exe - has that changed recently?


Yes, Reid changed the CFE build instructions to add
"--program-prefix=llvm" to the end of the configure line, but autoconf
and Makefiles are not yet updated with that change.

For now, try configuring the CFE without the --program-prefix, and you
should be fine.