More Open Projects

We started an ad-hoc write up of some open projects that have not yet made it to the LLVM webpage.
They are interesting to us beyond GSoC, so something to keep in mind in case people are looking for something fun to work at, e.g., during an internship :wink:


Do you plan to ‘graduate’ this to the open projects section on the website? I’m trying to understand if these don’t fit some assumptions in open projects that made you put them in a google doc, and we should consider reorganizing the website to better accommodate non-gsoc projects.

I’m generally happy to graduate them. This was faster and easier to setup. That said, what assumptions? I think projects are not GSoC only, but other than that just like the others online.

I thought that I saw some requirement for GSOC projects to be listed separately from other open projects, but I can’t find it now. The Open Projects seems to be targeting GSOC in the opening text.

Well, for GSoC there a requirement that all projects to be reachable from a single ‘Project Ideas’ page. This page is a part of organization application and is shown on the GSoC organization profile.

We explicitly used Open Projects page for GSoC in oder not to create any confusion to GSoC participants. Besides those GSoC-related projects, oftentimes entries on Open Projects pages tend to be extremely outdated, obsolete or otherwise not quite useful (or just done).

So, I’d suggest before starting to use Open Projects page for real again one could probably review the presently listed projects and maybe remove ones that do not make sense anymore :slight_smile: