Moving docs?

Hi llvm-admin, (cc llvm-dev for visibility)

We’re working on some improvements to the documentation, and want to move things (e.g. the Kaleidoscope tutorial into a subdirectory) around without breaking any links to it. Is there a way to do forwards on the web page that you prefer?


Ok, FWIW, I made a copy of the Kalidoscope tutorial and put it here:

The new version uses more inclusive language (and less of it) and is structured better to support many more tutorials in docs/tutorial. I left the old copy where it was because it isn’t clear how to set up forwarding, but it should eventually be removed.

I would also love it if someone were able to move the other two tutorials into a similar structure where each tutorial is a subdirectory of tutorials, and uses the “My First” approach that Meike is driving to revitalize the tutorials. I’m super excited about her work on this new direction!


Hi Chris,

I had a quick look at the changes and it wasn’t clear to me, except for some grammatical changes, how it was different in terms of inclusiveness?


Hi Amara,

Lots of little changes, the biggest of which are in the diff between the former start of chapter 1 and the index: