Mozart / llvm


I'm a French student in computing science and I'm interested in your llvm project. We plan to build a new OS design using the Mozart-Oz language ( GNU Fans 2021 - HURD OS - Wiki Guide for Casino Affiliates ). Could we "easily" implement a Mozart front-end to llvm ? Do you think llvm could be a good alternative to gcc for our project ?

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              Guillaume FORTAINE

I haven't read up on Mozart yet, but generally the answer is yes. It is far easier to design a new front-end for LLVM than it is for GCC, and LLVM has several capabilities that GCC does not (e.g. JIT compilation, bytecode, etc). OTOH, GCC is widely ported than LLVM, so if you need target support for something that LLVM doesn't have, you either have to use the LLVM C backend, write the port, or entice someone to do it for you.

If you include a link to some info about the language itself and what your goals are, I can give you a more detailed answer.