MSVC 2015 + LLVM 4.0 RC2 problem compiling LLVMPipe of Mesa 17.0

The error message in your email is from MSVC when compiling Mesa code,
which is why I questioned the relation to LLVM.

It looks like the error is coming from compiling lp_bld_misc.cpp(?),
which includes llvm-c headers, so it is possible that a change to
LLVM's headers is causing this error to appear, but it's hard to say.

I looked into building llvmpipe on WIndows to reproduce this, but I
couldn't find any instructions for how to do it with MSVC.

Without an actionable bug report, I don't think we'll get any further
here. I think your best bet is to ask about this on the mesa-dev
mailing list [1].