MSVC can't Inlcude *.inc files properly

It's because of lib/Target/*/TargetInfo/CMakeLists.txt (* is Alpha,
ARM and so on);
the current line is include_directories(
and so msvc can't find out those directory properly.
but once I changed it to
include_directories( ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/../
It's working.
But I am worry about it's can't be working on unix. maybe a better format is
include_directories( ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/../.

I don't understand this problem, I have built clang on Windows with
the CMake generated project files without a problem. In fact, it is
even part of our buildbot.

Can you explain more about what exactly the problem is?

- Daniel

I means visual studio c++ 2008, do you build clang+llvm with .sln
files, and these files are generated by cmake? I do of that. And
because vs c++ can't recognize path such a:/filepath/.. Properlyn it's
recognized as a:/filepath

So we need change /.. to /../ or /../.


Did you get any errors while building the project with CMake? Check the log just in case. What target are you trying to build? Is this a recent problem?

I'm using VS2008 and haven't had any problem building Clang + LLVM for x86 or the custom target that I'm working on.