MSVC CRT Leak Checker Crashing with my unit tests


This is my first time posting to the mailing list. I hope I am doing this correctly. If it isn’t the right place for this kind of message, please let me know!

I’m developing a small compiler ( that uses LLVM. I am working on Windows using Visual Studio. For my previous projects, I’ve always used Visual Studio’s CRT leak-checker to identify memory leaks, and it has always worked well until now: It doesn’t seem to play well with LLVM.

My current environment uses a version of LLVM that I built on my machine and installed using cmake as per the instructions (

It works well, I can build my project’s main executable just fine, but there’s one issue. It doesn’t seem to give me access to the llvm/utils folder, so I have to use my own version of gtest (I can’t use the one in llvm/utils/unittests/googletest) and build the unit-test executable myself (no add_unittest unfortunately)

At first I didn’t think that was that big of a problem, I cloned gtest and created a main.cpp for my unit-test executable ( but I quickly noticed some memory leaks reported by the CRT leak-checker. It turned out that I forgot to use llvm::InitLLVM.

When I added the “llvm::InitLLVM llvmInit(argc, argv)” line at the top of my main.cpp, I noticed that the unit-test executable triggered a breakpoint upon exiting. The CRT seem to crash when dumping memory leaks for some reason.

I didn’t find an obvious solution to this. Is this something I can fix myself?

If not, maybe I can fix this by using LLVM directly from the build folder (to gain access to llvm/utils/unittests/googletest & the add_unittest macro), or by using another, better Windows memory-leak checker? Can someone guide me in the right direction then?

Also, as a beginner, I’ll gladly take any piece of advice you may have for me.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,
Pierre van Houtryve