MSVC natvis files for libc++

Has anyone done any work at all on this? I’d like to be able to easily view the contents of libc++ objects in VS and I’d definitely like to not have to start from scratch :slight_smile:

autoexp.dat files would also be useful for the short term.

I think you’re out of luck, I did the ones for llvm and clang types that can be found in llvm/utils/llvm.natvis but there’s nothing for libc++ AFAIK. That being said, it’s not that hard, and you don’t even have to restart VS when testing them.

Not hard I agree, but very (very) time consuming to do the whole library :slight_smile: I just have some forlorn hope that someone else out there might have already suffered the pain.

I wouldn’t mind giving you a hand if you tell me how to get libc++ working on Windows.

Ha! Complicated as I’m building it on top of a specialised runtime. My life is somewhat easier than other people’s as I have a posix environment available on Windows. So my main headache is dealing with lack of compiler support rather than adding a Windows backend for libc++. That said, I’m sure some of my changes would have some value in the code base. I just haven’t figured out how I’d go about submitting those yet (particularly without some sort of MSVC continuous integration available for libc++ - is there anything?).