Multiple line number mapping a

Is there a way to repent or interpret multiple line number mappings?

An example where this is useful might be compilers that compile to C and then native and you would like to see both the original source line and the line in the generated C. Another instance might be macros in the Lisp style, although perhaps that applies for the C preprocessor as well?

- Bruce

Not as things are set up now.

The DWARF standard requires the addresses in the line table to be strictly increasing, so you would have to emit two line table sequences to encode this information, then the debugger would somehow have to coalesce them. Or you could extend DWARF to add "alternate file & line numbers" to the line table program.

Also, this would require changes to the stepping machinery. If you issue the command "step one line" but you are starting from a line that has two interpretations, what should we do? You'd have to specify which interpretation of the line you intended to step from...

And I'm sure there are other ways this would cause havoc that I haven't thought of yet...