Multiple LLVM, Parallelization, PRAM, XMT

Is it possible to combine multiple LLVM with PRAM

Prof. Uzi Vishkin (Univ. of Maryland) had created 64
cores PRAM: Parallel Random Access Memory / Explicit
Multi Threading.

1. The programmer can create multiple LLVM and run the
same instruction on different LLVM, or create a
pipeline on multiple LLVM (different instruction on
different LLVM, but the same data).

2. Execution on the physical machine: the execution
program detect how many cores are available on the
physical machine, map the required LLVM to physical
cores and configure the connections/data flow between
physical cores.

3. Finer grained parallelization: the execution
progam can convert a single LLVA instruction into:
3.A. The same instruction for multiple physical cores.
3.B. Several different instructions for multiple
physical cores in a pipeline (the same data).

Is the above idea possible?
Thank you.