Multiple versions of VS


Is there any plan from the community to have clang support multiple versions of VS?

What kind of support to you mean?

Do you mean the Visual Studio integration, or Clang's ability to find
the standard library, linker, etc. of a VS installation?

- Hans

Oh, I see in, you mean
support for compiling clang itself?

There are no plans to support compiling Clang with earlier versions of
VS, as it doesn't support all the C++ features that Clang uses.

Hans, Reid,

Sorry I was a bit unclear in my message. What I meant to say is when I generate a clang binary, can I compile with this binary, code, using older versions of VS?
Some features need use of runtime libraries (size operator delete, thread_local)?


Or in other words can I compile with clang (built with VS2015/VS2017 soon for instance) using VS2013/VS2015 headers?

Yes, that should work.

Yes, that should work. -fmsc-version controls which Visual Studio version clang-cl tries to be compatible with. -fmsc-version=1900 selects 2015, 1800 selects 2013, 1300 selects 2010, etc. clang-cl tries to pick a good default based on which version’s vcvarsall you ran.