NEC "ve" VectorEngine in hobbyist hands

[I am an university student from Germany and i got my hands on a NEC VectorEngine. [1]. Previously (almost) all of the development for the ve target happened by NEC employees. I am now running a used VectorEngine under my desk and would be excited to share access to this card for development and bench-marking and some small CI NEC might be unwilling to run. I am not sure where best to put this kind of discussion in the forum. Feel free to ask questions. I will answer them as a best as i can.

[1]Johann-Tobias Schäg: "A #NEC #VectorEngine card crunches double precisi…" - Mastodon

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NEC has a LLVM-VEC which uses their vectorizer however they currently only support LLVM 12.0

The Clang/LLVM using NEC LLVM-IR Vectorizer can be built and installed by the following commands. You can refer the patched source codes when you want to implement your own compiler front-end and driver using NEC LLVM-IR Vectorizer.

This is the patch they use . Can someone tell me how hard it would be to forward port that patch to LLVM 16.0 ?

really hard to tell, LLVM has absolutely no API (and of course ABI) stability across major releases so it’s highly likely to take quite some efforts to port, let alone there are 4 versions in between.