Need A Clang Developer [was: Re: [llvm-commits] [llvm] r122346 - in /llvm/trunk: docs/TestingGuide.html test/lit.cfg utils/lit/lit/]

David Greene <> writes:

Author: greened
Date: Tue Dec 21 11:25:43 2010
New Revision: 122346


Revert 122341. It breaks some darwin tests.

I found the problem. In clang/test/lit.cfg:

    (' clang++ ', """*** Do not use 'clang++' in tests, use '%clangxx'. ***"""))

Since will use regexp substitution to fix lit issues,
"clang++" needs to be escaped as "clang\+\+." I don't believe I have
commit permission to cfe. The change will need to be coordinated with
the change to lit in the LLVM tree.

Who can fix this on the cfe end?