Need compiler retargetted for legacy console system

We are a community of enthusiasts for the Atari Jaguar console system

This system has NEVER HAD a cross-compiler for its GPU other than briefly that John Carmack created to make Doom for the system. But he lost that long ago and couldn't release it if he had it still. Now any work to get the main backbone of power out of the systems GPU must be done in time consuming ASM and no one in the community is experienced with retargetting.

We are a relatively small community and probably could never raise the 50k+ in a reasonable time that it would cost a pro team to do this for us. We could raise some money but my offer is more for those who are actually learning to do these things and NEED a target that no one has ever done before because I think every other CPU from the 90s and onward has a compiler for it except the Jaguar.

If anyone is intrigued please get ahold of me A31Chris -AT- and we can discuss the details like what the community can actually pay and hooking you up with dev SDKs and emulator and most likely getting you hooked up with actual hardware for perhaps free(on loan)

Thank you for your time! :slight_smile: