Need Help: A small problem in Clang

Hi everyone,

I am having a small problem as follows, please help me:

Implement, using LLVM/Clang, to count the number of memory operations
executed in a given function (recording reads and writes of fields and
arrays elements) of C programs. Here is an example:

            int* test(int* b, int* c) {
               for (int i=0; i<10; i++) {
                   a[i] =b[i] + c[i];
               return a;

After execution of the whole program, the output of the instrumentation
should return something like this for each method: "function test: reads =
20; writes = 10".

Thank you very much!

Is this a class assignment? Someone else was asking the same question recently, and it is impossible to help because the problem is poorly specified (for example, in optimised code this may end up being a small number of vector reads and writes, or a single memcpy call).


Yes it is a class asignment.

Thank you anyway

Best Regards

Is this a class assignment?

Well spotted - I honestly wouldn't've called that. (we do see some number
of these sort of questions on a regular basis, but you're right - two /very
similar/ ones was noteworthy)

Hrm. Guess that's the price of popularity? Not that I have a problem
helping people (even students doing homework) get started, but for the
issues you quite correctly point out below \/