Need help getting klee installed on debian 7.8


I am working on my thesis in cyber security and need to have a working
version of llvm and klee on my debian 7.8 system in order t o perform
some testing.

I have spent the weekend trying every combination of steps I can think
of to get everything working together with no success.

Is there a recommended set of steps to get klee up and running quickly
on debian?

Things I have tried:
Install the llvm-3.0 package from the debian repository.
2. download and try to compile the dragonegg for llvm 3.0 (doesn't compile).

3. tried the same steps for llvm 2.9 package and associated dragonegg.

4. tried simply compiling llvm from the svn repository (version 3.6),
but I see that the latest dragonegg is 3.3, so I grabbed the llvm 3.3
sources and tried compiling those as well.

No matter what I do I can't get everything to compile, and I haven't
even tried compiling klee on top of all of this.

The reason I want to use debian 7.8 is that first of all it is very
accessible and I am blind, and second I have already gotten stp
installed and working on it.

If at all possible I need klee up and running today, so any help would
be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,