Need help in setting up sphinx

Hi everyone!
I have installed python3-recommonmark using pip as well as apt-get but I am getting following error for ninja doc-llvm-html command. What am I missing?

Should I make some changes in the file. Where can I find my file in ubuntu?



Since it is a warning, you could try ignoring it using

(General opinion: Warnings are not errors for a reason and should not
be treated as errors by default)


What version of Sphinx and recommonmark have you installed? It’s been a while, but in the past, there have been issues using specific versions of the tools, so using the latest may not actually work.

(In response to Michael’s opinion - a warning is there for a reason - it means the user is likely doing something wrong and they should fix it, not ignore it)


Hi! Thanks @James! I installed recommonmark 0.7.1 and build was successfully. But now when I open the html file where I made the changes it doesn’t show those changes. What could be the reason ?

I assume you’re referring to the html file that is supposed to be produced by your build? What happens if you delete that file and then rerun? Is there any log output? Without more info, I can’t really help further.