Need help with source code

Hope you’re doing well.

I’m a student at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Would you be so kind to help me with the following task?

I need to somehow use the LLVM source code I have built to print extra information in the IR generated by LLVM during -emit-llvm stage.

The extra information must not get printed when running clang directly on the file.
$ clang++ code.cpp -o code.out && ./code.out
(this does not print the EXTRA information)

I have a sample c++ code named code.cpp and the extra information generated by -emit-llvm will be something like:

<<<<===================IR code=================================>>>>
EXTRA information
<<<<<==================IR code=================================>>>>
Thank You.
Sam Maurya
M.Tech CSE,
IIT Kanpur, India

I think the question is vague. When do you want the extra information to be printed? If you don’t want it to be printed in default mode then you may be able to add a command line option and invoke it appropriately.