Need to know where scan-build stores the report


I wonder what's the requirement in scan-build for outputting reports to $directory/year-month-day-runnumber (where $directory is the -o argument). IMHO it is easier and better to simply use whatever directory the user specifies and if the directory already exists fail. This way a build script can better control where the report ends up and can point to it later. Currently build scripts are forced to calculate the output directory in the same fashion as scan-build does, which isn't always possible.

I've attached a diff for scan-build where I've rem <<scan-build.diff>> oved the code that generates these directories, so it will simply use the -o argument.

But because I don't know the requirements for the existing directory scheme I wonder whether this patch will cause something else to fail. Does anyone here have any idea?

Best regards,
Andreas Häber

scan-build.diff (2.42 KB)

Hi Andreas,

The idea is to be able to collect a set of runs together in a common directory, with the grand idea one day to be able to examine results across runs.

I think it's fine to enhance scan-build to emit files to a specific directory, but I'd like to preserve the current functionality as well (and not outright replace it).