Need Volunteers for 2017 Grace Hopper Conference

Hello! The LLVM Foundation has sponsored a booth at the 2017 Grace Hopper Conference. We are very excited to be a part of this amazing conference and will hopefully recruit new developers into the LLVM community! Since this conference is primarily attended by women, we are also hoping that our presence will encourage more women to enter the field of compilers and tools.

We are looking for volunteers to help staff our booth. The conference is October 4-6 in Orlando, FL. We are looking for any amount of time commitment. It can be a half day, full day, or even just a few hours. Ideally, we want 2-3 booth staff members. Your job would be to talk about compilers, tools, the LLVM project, and career opportunities using LLVM to people who visit the booth.

There are 2 ways to volunteer:

  1. If you are already attending the conference through your company or other means, then its an easy process and you can just let me know what hours you want to volunteer. Your general registration gets you access to the expo hall and nothing more is needed on our side.

  2. If you have no registration or unsure if you will get one (public registration sells out in minutes), we need to register you as a booth attendee. This would give you access to the Expo Hall only and you would spend your time at the booth. The LLVM Foundation is happy to sponsor this registration. We could also potentially help with funding travel to the event if your company is not able to help out. Please let me know ASAP if this is something you are considering so that we can start discussing the details.