New array/struct initializer parser bug

... or were initializers not even being parsed before?

CookieJar:~/Desktop keith$ cat > structinit.c
struct s { int i; };

struct s a[1] =
    { 3 }
CookieJar:~/Desktop keith$ clang -fsyntax-only structinit.c
structinit.c:5:7: error: incompatible types assigning 'int' to 'struct s'
    { 3 }
structinit.c:5:7: warning: excess elements in array initializer
    { 3 }
2 diagnostics generated.
CookieJar:~/Desktop keith$ gcc -fsyntax-only -Wall -Wextra structinit.c
CookieJar:~/Desktop keith$


clang has parsed initializers for quite some time.

Semantic analysis for structure initialization is still not done (there is a FIXME in the code).

clang should avoid producing bogus diagnostics. I'd prefer to have no diagnostics until we get around to doing the proper checking.

I'll try and look at this next week,