new clang build break...

Hi everyone.
I checked the clang code last night and built it with Visual studio 2005. However, I failed.
One obvious error can be found:
In the clangSema project, the semaExpr.cpp,

static IdentifierInfo *constructSetterName(IdentifierTable &Idents,
const IdentifierInfo *Name)
llvm::SmallString<100> SelectorName;
SelectorName = “set”;

The cl.exe complains the llvm::smallString doesn’t support the assign operator. When switched to the llvm smallstring declaration, I found no overrided “=” operator. I am using the LLVM 2.4 released. Because I though the svn version maybe has some special things which can’t be let pass by Microsoft compiler.

If anyone knows how to deal with that, some discussion is highly welcomed.
Thank you.


Mainline clang requires you to use mainline LLVM. This API was added to smallstring after the 2.4 release.