New CMAKE code committed

After three iterations of community review, we believe that this new
CMAKE build system should meet everyone's requirements.

Enhanced CMake Build System Commit

* Supports Linux, Mac, Windows, and Intel(r) Xeon Phi builds
* Supports building with gcc, icc, clang, and Visual Studio compilers
* Supports building "fat" libraries on OS/X with clang
* Details and documentation on how to use build system
  are in Build_With_CMake.txt
* To use the old CMake build system (corresponds to
  CMakeLists.txt.old), just rename CMakeLists.txt to
  CMakeLists.txt.other and rename CMakeLists.txt.old to

(The full message with the patch is awaiting list moderation, so I thought I'd send this now so people know about this ASAP).

-- Jim

James Cownie <>
SSG/DPD/TCAR (Technical Computing, Analyzers and Runtimes)
Tel: +44 117 9071438

Don’t forget that those changes also need to be committed to the release_35 branch of openmp as well.

I don't know how the svn+git thing works precisely, but would it be possible to get a branch or tag before the cmake changes. This way "we" can easily have a point of comparison to check against easily.


Currently the 3.5 branch is in testing phase II which is bug fix only, but one could argue that the commit would represent fixes to the current cmake build support.

I think it's far too large to be mistaken for a "bug" fix, but I agree that it may be helpful if it's going into master for it to go into the 3.5 branch. (I was one of the detailed reviewers for this).

I definitely do not want to violate LLVM commit protocols by committing into the branch inappropriately.

But, it seems that there's a tide of opinion in favour of moving this over.
So, unless I hear a counter-opinion by tomorrow morning (UK time) I'll also commit this to the 3.5 branch.


-- Jim

James Cownie <>
SSG/DPD/TCAR (Technical Computing, Analyzers and Runtimes)
Tel: +44 117 9071438