New Developer wanting to get involved

Hello everyone,

I am a Software Developer that wants to get involved in the Clang community. I have around 2.5 years of experience in backend development (Java) which includes writing APIs, data pipelines and other data engineering work.

I have been interested in the Clang community and recently I have found a bit of free time on my hands to contribute. I went through the open projects on the community page and these two particularly piqued my interest.

  1. Undefined behaviour checking
  2. Continue work on C++1y support.

I have built clang from source and I would really like guidance from the community on how I can proceed and contribute to these projects!

Looking forward to your thoughts on this!


Might be worth getting started with a few small/general patches first - I started by looking for diagnostic quality bugs (false positives or false negatives) & tracing through to see if I could spot where a nearby correct case differed from the incorrect case and propose patches to address that.