New Failure TestCallStdStringFunction.test_with_dwarf just started failing in top-of-tree

Possible problem CLs: d0k, gclayton, alexfh

Hi all,

Since this failure is only seen on the builder using clang-3.4, I’m willing to bet that this is clang-3.4 specific? I don’t really care about clang-3.4. How does everyone feel about just updating he compiler on that buildbot?

Something like:

sudo apt-get install clang-3.5

And then whatever is needed to get configure to pickup /usr/bin/clang-3.5



I don’t think this is related to clang-3.4. I’m getting failures here even with clang-3.5. Interestingly the failures are more common on the debug build of lldb (fails almost always for me), that on the release build (failed after 60 attempts).

So the problem seems to be related to -fstandalone-debug (at least one part of it). Right now there is a problem, where -fstandalone-debug and libstdc+±dbg cannot coexists for whatever reason:
-fstandalone-debug, libstdc+±dbg uninstalled → test works fine
-fno-standalone-debug, libstdc+±dbg installed → test works fine

-fno-standalone-debug, libstdc+±dbg uninstalled → failure, cannot find std::string definition [as expected]

-fstandalone-debug, libstdc+±dbg installed → failure, for whatever reason we end up calling std::random_device::_M_init() instead of std::string::c_str() [bad]