New Flang Driver - sync-up calls

Hi All,

Recently we've started rather informal calls on the new Flang driver. As there seem to be growing interest in this part of the project, I wanted to advertise it a bit better.

*Where:* Teams (please e-mail me and I will send you an invite)
*When:* Every other Friday (next call: Feb 5th) at 3:30pm IST / 10:00am UTC

Note: We will happily adjust the timing to suit more people! Please let me know your timezone when requesting an invite.

I will still be joining other Flang calls to provide an overview. This new call is meant as a platform for more detailed and frequent discussions about the driver specifically.

Minutes from previous calls: llvm-project/flang - new driver - agenda and minutes - Google Docs

Outstanding tasks (for anyone interested in contributing): New Flang driver - outstanding tasks - Google Docs

Any suggestions are very welcome!

Kind regards,


Don't forget to add this to :wink:
(just edit flang/docs/

~ Johannes

Hi All,

I'm suggesting a new time for this call:

* Every other Monday at 4:30PM UTC/ 10PM IST / 10:30AM CT
* Next call: Monday Feb 1st

I'll update flang/docs/ so that this information is easy to find.