New llvm-announce list

Hi all LLVM people,

This is a brief announcement to let you know what's going on with the LLVM
mailing lists. We created a new, moderated, llvm-announce mailing list
and subscribed all people who were either subscribed to the llvm-dev list,
or who have inquired about getting a copy of LLVM. If you're getting this
message, that means you're on the list.

The intention of this list is to make it _extremely_ low volume, perhaps
an email every month or so. If you are only interested in the highest
level LLVM announcements (new releases, status updates, etc), this is the
list to be on. This means that if you're not interested in the day-to-day
development stuff on the llvm-dev list, you should probably unsubscribe
from it and stay subscribed the llvm-announce.

When we release LLVM 1.0, we will announce it on this list. If you have
any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.