New LLVM Blog

Hi All,

A few of us got together and started an official LLVM (and its sub-projects) blog:

I think that a blog is a potentially great way to cover some areas of LLVM that we're lacking in the community:

1. A place to describe cool new features and enhancements (which we can link to from the release notes).
2. Description of the motivation behind major API changes.
3. Higher level algorithmic descriptions.
4. A place for people to write about how they're *using* LLVM
5. a place for expanded information like version of and
6. Updates on major accomplishments for sub-projects that are still in development (clang, dragonegg, MC, etc).

More than anything else, while LLVM is a highly dynamic project, our web page isn't. I'm hoping to add sidebars to the and web page that will show the blog feeds to get some of this information more visible.

In any case, for it to be successful, we need writers! If you'd like to write an entry, please let me know. The only request that I have is that the entries be about things that you have *done* and are checked in, not about crazy ideas. Once the crazy idea manifests as something great, it can show up on the blog :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,
      What about llvm planet ,If most of the contributors already have
blogs, like gentoo planet and gnu planet ?

  Yours ,
  Ling Kun

Great! I just subscribed.


Cool idea! I've been looking for a way to introduce the AVX stuff to
a wider audience and this is probably one of them. Sign me up as a writer.
I could also do a series on writing backends, now that I've hacked TableGen
guts. :slight_smile:


Great idea!


Sure, you're welcome to do that, but we're only going to include the content from on the sidebar of and


FYI to this list too :slight_smile:


Hi All,

A few of us got together and started an official LLVM (and its sub-projects) blog:

Is it online? I cannot open it. If it's online, I highly suspect it's
blocked by the GFW.

Yep, it's online. It's a blog.


yes, its blocked by GFW because it seems host on google blogspot? i
can access it by using a proxy.

Ha, that blog has been blocked for a long time, in addition to
youtube, twitter, ...

Hi Zhongxing Xu,
     If You can use IPV6 in China ,you can add at the end
of tue URL like this

   Ling Kun