New llvm-db ?


I'm interested in hearing your opinions on whether a new debugger is a worthwhile goal.
The kind of debugger that I'm referring to is not a LLVM bitcode-only one like the (now deprecated) llvm-db, but a native one with full support for both native code and LLVM JIT generated code.

In the short term it would be far easier to modify gdb and make it cooperate with the LLVM JIT compiler, but in the long term it seems that a new debugger engine based on a library architecture, that is easily extendable and embeddable like all of the LLVM projects, would be useful in general, and in particular very useful for projects like vmkit.

I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on this.


I think that would be a great project. It is a big one, but could be built incrementally up like we did with clang.