New llvm-gcc4 snapshot

This changes the build to use llvm-config to figure out which llvm libraries to link in. This fixes build problems when libraries change from .a's to .o's (like yesterday) or when dependencies between libraries change.

It also eliminates some warnings, which enables bootstrap, tested on Darwin PPC/X86.



We are in the process of trying to make this happen. It's a matter of getting all the duckings lined up in a row.

We finally resigned ourselves to the fact that we can't cvs/svn and maintain the sanity of FSF branches, Apple branches and LLVM branches. So, over the next few working days we are going to set up a nightly cron script to checkout the latest and greatest llvm branch, strip the naughty bits, tarball, and then post on

An announcement will be made here when it's available.

We hope this will suffice.


-- Jim

Would setting up rdist be a possibility? That way the only the
incremental changes are transmitted and people don't have to wait for up
to 24 hours for a new tarball to be generated.