New Nightly Tester

Hey All,

I have been making some changes to the nightly tester that will
hopefully make debugging problems and performance issues easier. The
big change is nightly test results will now be kept in a central
location ( I have committed a
new file to utils/ called ''. It *should* behave
almost exactly like the previous except that instead of
spitting out a web page it will submit the results to by an
HTTP POST request.

I would like to start transitioning testers to the new testing scheme.
This will hopefully be a painless process and I have designed so that it can be invoked almost the exact same as The only difference is accepts
"-nickname YourNicknameHere". This options allows us to name machines
for easier reference. For now, host names will act as the best

So if you are the manager of a nightly test machine, please
1.) run `cvs up` to get
2.) change your settings to call instead of
3.) Add "-nickname YourNicknameHere" to the options passed to

Because the new tester uses HTTP to submit the test results, it should
work from behind most firewalls. This means potential nightly testers
no longer have to host their own webserver and can exist behind
firewalls. For example, with this capability Apple can make the
results of its internal X86/PPC testers available publicly.

Patrick Jenkins