New Test Suite For LNT

We are looking to add results from our new CI to We want to place our data on the front page under the Test Suites.


Our CI’s purpose is designed to test LLVM Clang Offloading as a build bot. We use OpenMP Offloading Code from multiple benchmarks to check commits.

Our Benchmarks Added & Going to Add:

BNL openmp-benchmarks

Our current build bot is stable and has been running for the past month collecting results.

What We Know

Our CI Script currently produces a json file and we have made scripts to convert the format to lnt acceptable jsons. We have tested this on our local system and a local server and it works.

How Do We?

  1. How do we get our test suite up onto the page? Is there a place for us to make a PR? What’s the process?

  2. What is the process for us to add our json to the website once a day?

Any help is appreciated with this last step. Thanks in advance.


I’m not sure who the contact person is, but we’d really benefit from extra performance tracking.

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It’s been many years since I actively worked on/with LNT hands-on myself…

If I remember correctly, submitting test and benchmark results to is done most easily by using the lnt submit command, see the documentation for the lnt tool at The lnt Tool — LNT 0.4.2.dev0 documentation.

It may be best to set up a server locally to test result submissions before starting to submit to the public server at

Hopefully this helps you get unblocked…