new text on startup: unrecognized option

$ lldb

dummy_arg: unrecognized option ‘–shell=/bin/sh’
dummy_arg: unrecognized option ‘–func-regex’

What’s that all about?

I don’t seem to be able to get any tests to run at TOT lldb on Linux x86_64 (Ubuntu 14.04). I’m trying to trace that down now.

I’m getting a bunch of these:

This script requires to be in either /mnt/ssd/work/macosx.sync/mbp-svn/llvm/tools/lldb/build/Debug/LLDB.framework/Resources/Python, /mnt/ssd/work/macosx
.sync/mbp-svn/llvm/tools/lldb/build/Release/LLDB.framework/Resources/Python, or /mnt/ssd/work/macosx.sync/mbp-svn/llvm/tools/lldb/build/BuildAndIntegration/LLDB

I’m looking into that now.

It’s looking like the options validation is screwing up the ability for tests to pick up the -P python lib dir stuff.

It’s expecting to get the path to the Python lldb dir with this:

tfiala@tfiala2:/mnt/ssd/work/macosx.sync/mbp-svn/build-debug$ bin/lldb -P
dummy_arg: unrecognized option '–shell=/bin/sh’
dummy_arg: unrecognized option '–func-regex’

Bolded content is screwing up the parse logic.

We’re going to need to address the options validation or revert that out. Right now it is impossible to run any Linux tests.


I have a temporary fix I’m going to check in to the -P detection logic that will work around this for now.

svn commit
Sending test/dosep.ty
Sending test/
Transmitting file data …
Committed revision 212513.

This change fixes the test runner -P logic to work around the extra unrecognized option text. Unfortunately it’s not good enough - 50+ tests are now failing due to unexpected output.

I’m off to bed now, but whoever checked in that validation text - please revert that out or get that text to stop showing up. I’m happy to work with you on that in the morning.


This has now bubbled into all the other test runs on all platforms.

I’m tracking it down now…

I've been able to fix my FreeBSD testruns by reverting the
OptionValidator changes. Specifically, I reverted r212500, r212317,
and r212290 (and fixed up a few conflicts).

Ok - thanks Ed. I was trying to see if there was a quick way to fix without reverting, but I think that reverting is the appropriate course. Working on that now.