Newbie question on scan-build


I am in need of some static code analyzer. I need a tool which can track variables def/use accross function

Following is a description of my problem:

I have a function A in which one of the incoming argument is declared as (uint8_t *). Function A will assign values to this incoming argument:

int A (uint_8 *i) { *i = 255 };

now I need to change it to (uint32_t *)

Obviously I will need to track down all places which invoke function A, and make changes to those
local variables, and recursively if a function B calls function A and pass into A B's incoming argument I will
need to track down all invocation of B as well. Example below:

int B () {

unint_8 j; // NEED TO CATCH THIS


k = *j;


int C (unint_8 *k)



So the question is can I use scan-build to accomplish this?

Thanks much,


Hi Luong,

Somehow I missed this email. Won't the compiler catch these kind of changes with its regular type-checking warnings? I'm not certain what you are asking for. Did you want to build a tool that automatically fixed all callers of a function whose signature you are changing?