Next Toronto Clang / LLVM Meetup - Thursday, Feb 16

We have scheduled our next Toronto Clang / LLVM Meetup for Thursday February 16 at 6pm at the North York Public Library. Please RSVP for the event here @whitneywhtsang will be giving a talk titled “So You Want to be an Open Source Compiler Developer…LLVM Google Summer of Code”. She will go over the GSoC program, share her experiences in past GSoC projects, and share tips on how to prepare a successful application for the program.

We are hoping to attract potential new contributors to our Meetup. If you know of any professors or student organizations in the Toronto area that would be willing to publicize the event, please share!

Unfortunately I’ll arrive a few days too late. :confused:
But have fun! How often do you have these Meetups?

We’re hoping to get the frequency up to once every 1-2 months, but have been a bit inconsistent :sweat_smile: Covid definitely through a curveball to our schedule. If you have any topics you would like to share with the group at a future Meetup, just let me know!