Nightly Test Failures

Last night's nightly test has numerous new failures that can be
attributed to the bug 122 changes. All these failures are related to the
use of an outdated cfrontend build. The simple solution is to recompile
the cfrontend. I ran into this also when I was testing the changes. The
problem is that the bytecode read/written by the cfrontend is using an
incompatible (partially between 1.2 and 1.3) versions of the bytecode

Here's what needs to be done on all the nightly test instances:

In llvm directory:
1. cvs update
2. make tools-only

In cfrontend directory
1. cvs update (might not be necessary)
2. make clean
3. make all-gcc
4. make all
5. make install

In llvm directory
6. make install

This will make sure the c/c++ front end uses the right bytecode format.

Also, it should be noted that the cfrontend binary tarball should be
updated before 1.3 is released.


BTW, in the llvm directory, in particular, make sure you go into the
llvm/runtime directory. Then do a 'make clean' then 'make install' in it.

The failures on the X86/Debug nightly tester were due to me forgetting to
update libstdc++. doh! :slight_smile: