No breakpoints after update

After updating lldb to latest (from ~october) i'm not getting any hits anymore for any breakpoints.

I'm remote debugging from Windows to OSX, the Platform (MacOS), ABI (sysV) all seems fine. the language runtime doesn't load yet but from what I've seen during debugging it never actually gets a dyld breakpoint hit.

Log is here:

checked every line, didn't see anything obvious. Any hints at what I can try would be appreciated.


If you can pause the remote process while debugging, I would start by seeing if lldb knows about any images being loaded:

(lldb) image list

I'd also try 'target list', 'platform status', and maybe 'log enable lldb dyld' from the start.

If lldb can't figure out where the binaries are loaded in memory, it'll never set breakpoints.



so apparently I had a call like:

Error error = lTarget->GetPlatform()->ResolveExecutable(spe, mod, NULL);

if (error.Success()) {

  lTarget->SetExecutableModule(mod, false);

in my code after attaching to remote, which was required when I wrote this (Years ago), now it somehow breaks things from working all together, removed and things magically started working again.