No crt2.o file found

<i>Have you tried to build llvm-gcc by yourself?

</i>Not with the recent build.  In times past I failed miserably at this using cygwin. Maybe I should try again?

<i>Normally crt*.o files are built during normal gcc build process
(llvm-gcc as well). However, mingw32 runtime has its own crt*.o files,
which are included with binary distribution of llvm-gcc4 (mingw32

</i>I thought that would be the case, but I didn't see them in my llvm directory after unpacking the archive.
A search for *crt* does not reveal their location.  There is a crtend.c file however and some
other static libraries with crt in their names.  I figured that just copying the mingw crt*.o files would not 
be a good idea.  Perhaps I downloaded an incomplete llvm gcc binary?

ERROR: Program used external function '_alloca' which could not be resolved!
<i>Right. _alloca is inside runtime code, not bytecode. lli was not touched
to get mingw32 compatibility. I'll take a look.

</i>I figured as much.  It would be great to get the mingw branch on windows working, since it avoids the cygwin dll 
and some restrictive licensing issues.  Thanks for the help in advance!