No crt2.o file found

Hello, Matthew.

Not with the recent build. In times past I failed miserably at this using cygwin. Maybe I should try again?

Well, actually I mean: whether llvm-gcc binary under consideration was
built by yourself or you're using pre-built binaries from downloads

If you're using llvm-gcc4 binary from downloads section, mingw binary is
included into tarball, you might find crt*.o in /lib subdirectory

I figured that just copying the mingw crt*.o files would not
be a good idea.

Why not? Mingw32 crt does not depend on LLVM.

Perhaps I downloaded an incomplete llvm gcc binary?

Please check:
1. File size of llvm-gcc4-1.9-patched-x86-mingw32.tar.bz2 is 15018565
2. Md5sum is 61a73059be528b19f2ce64d35d7df25b

I figured as much. It would be great to get the mingw branch on windows working, since it avoids the cygwin dll
and some restrictive licensing issues. Thanks for the help in advance!

Could you please fill in corresponding bug - I'll have look in it. We'll
use it to track progress & problems.