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Hello, Matthew.

I figured as much. It would be great to get the mingw branch on
windows working, since it avoids the cygwin dll and some restrictive
licensing issues.

Mingw32 branch is quite ok as the time of writing this lines :slight_smile: I was
able to compile Qt with llvm-gcc4 1.9 and everything was fine. So, I
suppose something went wrong during unpacking tarball or something like

I've just commited patch to System library which will add some missed
JIT functionality on mingw32 target. So, "hello world" should run ok
under lli.

However JIT'ing is not complete for mingw32 due to absence of dllimport
symbols support at JIT side. I'll try to add it in the nearest future.

PS: Note, patch is in 2.0 cvs head, so, probably, you should just grab
it and apply to your source tree, if it's basing on 1.9 distribution.