No email notifications from Phabricator

Dear all,

it seems as if Phabricator does not (or days delayed) send any emails to
the email I added in phabricator. I got a similar report from Maximilian
Falkenstein, a student working with me. These delayed or non-existing
email reports make it very difficult to keep up-to-date with phabricator


Phab was down during the night, should be back up now. When phab is down, emails don’t get sent out (all emails get sent out when we get it back up).

It seems emails to me were not sent out due to them being held back by
sendgrid spam protection. In case somebody else has this problem, this
might be something to look into.


Hi Manuel,

it seems my main email address again does not receive emails from Phab
(which unfortunately made me miss a couple of reviews again). Could you
possibly have a look if sendgrid added my email again on the
"no-delivery" list? In case it did, can you possibly whitelist my email

For now I switched the email address, but I am afraid that my backup
address might be blocked automatically and without notice as well. :frowning:


Yep, it was in again. I don’t think permanent whitelisting is possible, but I also am not a sendgrid expert.