No llvm-config.exe or LLVMConfig.cmake in pre-built Windows?

I have a downstream project that uses llvm. My project has used GitHub Actions for CI for a long time on Linux and MacOS, and as I am trying to add Windows to our CI tests, it seems that the pre-built Windows installations from don't contain llvm-config.exe, nor any LLVMConfig.cmake as far as I can tell. So my CMake build system is a little lost.

How are the pre-built Windows LLVM installations expected to be found by CMake find_package? What am I missing?

I'm trying to avoid building LLVM from scratch because I don't think I can do it in a reasonable amount of CI time (and even if I could, it would be an order of magnitude more time than building my downstream package and running its extensive test suite).

How do other people address this issue?