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Im using example code from interpreter example. Im trying to call an
extern fuction from JIT code, but I can't get it to work.
Ive looked at examples on the net, but some are old and there all different.

How do I register an extern function?

heres some code im using at the moment.
Any help would be great!

// function I want to call
int yipee(int val)
  fprintf(stderr, "yipee!");

  return 1;

int Execute(llvm::Module *Mod, char * const *envp)
  llvm::Function *F =
llvm::Type::getInt32Ty (llvm::getGlobalContext()), NULL));
  EE->addGlobalMapping(F, yipee);
  llvm::Function *YipeeFn = Mod->getFunction("yipee");
  if (!YipeeFn) {
    llvm::errs() << "'yipee' function not found in module.\n";
    return 255;